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The Website Mentor

#Website Design & Development

During my digital apprenticeship, I have worked with Vicky on several tasks. All of them were linked to redesign of their current brand identity. Altogether, we were able to establish a new modern and professional image. I was responsible for logo and website re-design, and currently we are implementing the changes and building the website accordingly.


  • The Website Mentor


  • Web Re-design
  • UI / UX
  • Website Re-build
  • Graphic Creation
  • Logo Re-design

Style & Imagery



Baskervville Bold 

Lexend Deca 


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Infographics and template

Vicky decided to be a part of the web summit where she would provide a lecture about planning a website. I have created for her some elements that she would like to provide for free. We created a landing page Rock Your Website where people can easily download her freebies.

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